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"Tobu is great for storing resumes, and it is very user friendly."- Brittany Dolin, CEO, The Pocketbook Agency

Made with Real and Artificial Intelligence


One click Resume Sync & Backup

Tobu uses Deep Learning(a field of AI) to uniquely identify resumes from your email and desktop and capture the information into your private account on Tobu cloud daily.


Automated Resume Parsing & Analytics

Tobu's powerful AI based parsing engine auto identifies Name, Email, Phone Numbers, Locations, Experience etc. and de-duplicates them


Ranked Search

Tobu's superfast proprietary and accurate search engine helps you search through your resumes by various fields including skills, job titles and locations.


Organize, Track and Collaborate

Use Tobu's auto organization tools and collaborate with your team and vendors/clients to track your recruitment workflow. Simple, yet powerful.

Why all the buzz

We love our customers. They spread the love.


Use the simple interface and let your resume database work for you.


Use our intelligent parsers, search engine and recruitment analytics tools to make the best hires efficiently.


Your database is private and secure on our servers and this is our utmost priority. Your data shall be yours alone.

Join over 700 companies that are currently using Tobu.


Our users are Global