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What is Tobu?

Tobu is a simple recruitment tool that leverages Deep learning(a form of AI) where you can auto-backup resumes from your email and desktop and search through them in seconds. Once you link your email address/ desktop machine to Tobu (2 minute setup), Tobu automatically identifies the resume files, de-duplicates them and extracts all information including candidate contact details. Tobu automatically picks out details of resumes regardless of the structure or format of the resume. Tobu has a very fast and powerful resume analytics and search engine for resumes.

Beyond auto-organizing your emails and resumes, Tobu's extremely simple and intuitive interface helps recruiters use a comprehensive set of tools that range from collaborating with vendors/clients to a full fedged applicant tracking system. Please use the Tabs to navigate to explore the functionalities. Alternatively, just sign up and start using Tobu - you can come back here to check how each function works from the relevant pages.

How to Start

1. Sign up Quicklink: Sign up

2. Upload Resumes : Select from one of the 3 options from the first page of Tobu.
 a. Email Sync ( More details)
 b. Desktop Sync(More details)
 c. Web Upload


3. Search Quicklink: Resumes/Search Database


Done! Simple! No data entry, no zipping required