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The Mission

Our goal is to help recruiters to make great hires quickly and grow their businesses and revenues. We strongly believe that great technology should be highly affordable. We are confident in our team’s ability to build state-of-the-art systems that will continue to wow recruiters across the globe. We believe in great customer service and we are always listening to the problems faced by the users of our systems.

Who Uses Tobu?

Recruiters from all over the globe use Tobu. As long as you receive resumes through emails and/ or have a database of resumes you have on your Desktop, Tobu can benifit you. Tobu works across all Geographies. Currently, a major chunk of our customers come from USA, UK, India and South-East Asia.

How Does Tobu Help Recruiters?

a. Automation & Data Sync: We follow a brand new approach to automation of data captured. All you need to do is 1 click: sync your email/ desktop, Tobu does all the data capture from candidates to job board to categorizing candidates and maintaining a searchable database in seconds.

b. Auto Backup: All the candidates that you ever owned are capture from email and backed up on your private account on the cloud. Now you and your team can maintain an internal candidate pool and get a competitive edge to other comapnies searching just external job boards.

c. Collaborate: We love collaborative tools like Slack and Asana, we have built a lot of intuitive collaborative features so that you can communicate with your vendors and clients with ease on the system and track candidates and manage interviews without any friction.

How can I use Tobu?

Sign up and start by syncing your email. Tobu would automatically tell you how many candidates (uniquely identifies candidates) and jobs(from job boards, vendors etc.) you have in your email accounts collectively. You can start searching through your historic candidate data immediately. Invite your team mates and create a collective pool of resumes and jobs that can benefit everyone. Optionally, download Tobu Drive (similar to dropbox/ google drive) to your desktop and sync all your resumes in one click with your private Tobu account.

Why the name Tobu?

The company is named after a dog that has always been a part our office and our company's success- so why not?! Tobu, for us, stands for loyalty, customer service, joy and assistance. Tobu is a recruiter's best friend.

Free Resume Parser

We have also built a world class resume parser which we you can use for free. Go to Tobu's Free resume parser and upload a set of resumes . Tobu extracts data including the contact details and qualifications of the candidate and populates it into a spreadsheet for you.

You can also get an automated feed of resumes you receive daily on your email in a spreadsheet!

The Founding Team

Karthik S

Washington University, USA

A Computer Scienctist, former R&D Specialist @ TCS labs. He reads computer science books as bedtime stories.Click here for full profile

Bharadwaj K

Nanyang Tech University, Singapore

Math Whiz Kid and Engineer, Former Project Manager @Credit Suisse, Singapore. A sci-fi geek who lives in the future.Click here for full profile